Photo Restoration

Events like weddings, christenings, first day at school, graduation are all special. As are heirlooms, handed down from one generation to another.

Many are in the form of photographs and pictures that are all-to-easily lost either naturally by fading or accidentally by fire or water.

Photographs and pictures can now be scanned into a computer where they may be enhanced then printed onto modern high quality papers.

The new prints are displayed whilst the originals are stored safely away.

What Can Be Done

Many photographs can be enhanced to:

• Improve the contrast and colour

• Remove dust, hairs and fingerprints

• Remove crease marks, tears and, where possible, missing pieces

• Remove 'red eye'

• Improve the overall composition

• Restoring the colours to faded photos from more recent years

Colours may be kept so that older 'sepia tint' photographs look like older photographs.

And all this is just for starters.


Increasing the contrast WITHOUT loosing the sepia tinting

This photograph can be restored to it original glory by

• Replacing the image at the corners

• Removing the long crack

Layout Enhancement

Other photos need the layout improving.

Centring the subject

The making it more portrait.

After Restoration and Enhancement

First a proof copy will be printed for your approval. If you want some changes making to the compostion or appearance then this is the time to do them.

Finally the results may be printed onto photo paper, canvas or fine art media.