Print Media

There is a huge range of media available for printing.

Fine Art Papers

A wide range of papers are available however some of the most common are:

"Woburn, Market Place" giclee print by David Stanesby Somerset Enhanced Velvet  This paper has the look and feel of uncoated cotton paper, but gives a printed result closer to that of a coated product. Exhibiting high whiteness without unnecessary use of optical brightening agents (OBA), this archival grade paper is buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack finished prints may encounter from air pollution. Results have excellent tonal separation throughout the range, minimal ink spread and are almost instantly touch dry. Somerset Enhanced is excellent for fine art photography and fine art reproduction. This is an archival grade paper available in 255gsm and 330 gsm weights.

Museum Rough The name refers to the structure of the paper not its surface that is actually smooth. The paper is preferred by many artists and photographers for their prints as its surface allows very fine detail to be printed clearly. This is an archival grade paper available in 300 gsm only.

Museum Torchon This is a very similar paper to the Museum rough however it has a torchon finish top surface. The surface finish is good for prints of pastels as it is similar to the finish on papers designed for pastels. This is an archival grade paper available in 300gsm.

Canvas Finish Paper The surface on this paper mimics a canvas and is similar to the finish available on some sketch pads. Gives good results on all types of image. This is an archival grade paper available in 300 gsm only.

Baryte This is available in two surface finishes - Gloss and Matte. An extremely smooth surface mimicking photographic paper. Both are archival grade and available in 310 gsm only.

Photographic Papers

A range of photographic papers is available in a range of finishes and weights. These include:

Finish Weight (gsm)
Gloss 200
Semi Gloss 240
Pearl 290
Satin 270


Artist Canvas

"Redrock Sunset" giclee print by Mita Vaghela This is exactly what it says its is - an artist canvas with an inkjet finish so that it will take printing inks. The results are very good particularly where the original artwork is on a canvas although that is not necessary. After printing it is possible to treat the surface with a matte or semi-gloss clear acrylic varnish which gives the print mechanical protection particularly if it is to be entered into exhibitions.

Printed canvas with wrapped image When hung without a frame, frequently know as "Gallery Wrap" Part of the image may be wrapped around the side of the stretchers to create a sort of 3D effect.

Printed canvas with colour printed border If this would destroy the layout of the picture then the image is placed entirely on the front face of the canvas and a coloured border printed around which then provides sides for the stretchers.



Other Media

"Green Summer" giclee print on canvas by David Storey If you wish to have you work printed onto a specific media then J Framing and Pictures will be able to help.

Besides paper and canvas several smooth plastic media are available for outdoor and indoor use.

Some may take time to obtain, and if necessary build the colour profile, however many are readily available and can be bought in easily.